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Fax: 905-427-0847

1 Rossland Rd West
Ajax, ON L1Z 1Z2

*South West Corner of Harwood Ave and Rossland Road.*

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Monday8:00am – 7:00pm
Tuesday8:00am – 7:00pm
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Friday8:00am – 7:00pm

**After hours please call the Animal Emergency Clinic of Durham 905-576-3031**

In The Know

Does your pet need tick medication in the winter? They sure do! So far this year has been a perfect winter for tick activity. Any winter day that is zero Celsius or above is a perfect day for ticks to want to feed on your dog or cat (or you!). Any area with longer grasses, mature trees and leaf litter (dead leaves) are perfect spots to pick up ticks. Ticks are only dormant on cold days and are out and ‘questing’ for food when temperatures are at or above zero. Questing means crawling up the stems of grass or perching on the edges of leaves on the ground with front legs extended ready to jump on for a ride and a meal! And they sure are hungry when they haven’t eaten for a while! There are several very good tick preventative medications available from your veterinarian for your dog or cat, so give your clinic a call and get your pet protected. Don’t forget that many dog tick medications can be deadly for cats so no sharing, and only give our cat medication that is vet approved! Also, don’t forget to check yourself for ticks since you are walking in the same areas as your dog!! Enjoy the warm sunny winter days but don’t forget about the ticks…

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