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Behavioral Counseling

Does your pet do things you wish he/she wouldn’t do? If you are concerned about or bothered by an aspect of your pet’s behaviour, we can help. Our veterinarians can help you identify possible solutions to the behaviours your pet is exhibiting that you would like to change.

1) We can help you pick a pet that is suitable to your lifestyle.
2) We can help identify behaviours in new pets that could lead to undesirable behaviours in the future. This will give you an opportunity to address possible solutions now.
3) We can help identify behaviours that may respond to simple training methods.
4) We can help identify behaviours that may require behavioural modification techniques including counter-conditioning or systematic desensitization.
5) We can help identify supplements and/or medications that may help control current behaviours and help your pet learn new behaviours over time.
6) We can help identify pets that may require specialist consultation in order to modify the undesired behaviours over time.